My Top 12 Favorite Films (so far)

Updated: Jun 30

I miss going to the movies, and it has me thinking about some of my favorite films. So I gave it a good think and I came up with 12. Why 12? Because it fits in the grid scheme here and I like round numbers.

This list will change over time. There's too many American films on here--I ought to have a broader idea about film outside of my backyard (I haven't seen Parasite yet, for example). And there's too many films directed by men on my list.

In short, I haven't seen enough for my personal list to be final.

There are links embedded in each thumbnail so you can visit the movies IMDb page if you'd like.

There's a story for everyone of these films and why I like them, but that's not unusual. We all have emotions and context tied to our favorite films. What are some of yours? Send me a note on the website or leave a comment and let me know.


Updated 6/30/20


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