You & Me,  w/ Michael Patrick Thornton; Credit: Claire Demos

You & Me, w/ Michael Patrick Thornton; Credit: Claire Demos

You & Me (w/Michael Patrick Thornton), 2018

"actor Cory Hardin—an improv virgin—killed it in a series of scenes in which he and Thornton organically found their way to stories that ranged from dramatic realism to comic absurdity." -- Dan Jakes, Chicago Reader


Cabaret,  No Stakes Theater Project,Spring 2017 (credit: Liz Scheiner)

Cabaret, No Stakes Theater Project,Spring 2017 (credit: Liz Scheiner)

Cabaret -- No Stakes Theater Project, 2017

"In the thankless central role of struggling novelist Cliff Bradshaw, Cory Hardin captivates." --Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

"Cory Hardin is terrific as Cliff, breathing life into a tricky role that often comes off bland and reactive in comparison to the more flamboyant and menacing characters around him."  --Erin Fleming, Chicagoland Musical Theatre

Fish Eye,  Dandelion Theatre, Fall 2016 (credit: Elaine Bell-Quinn

Fish Eye, Dandelion Theatre, Fall 2016 (credit: Elaine Bell-Quinn

Fish Eye -- Dandelion Theatre, 2016

"Cory Hardin (Max) handles the range of his character well. At first, he is sensitive, funny and loyal – but his loyalty quickly evolves into something quite possessive and manipulative." --Erin Shea Brady, Performink Chicago

Porcelain [Jeff Recommended] -- Prologue Theatre, 2015

"...the "Voices," provide cunning and sometimes poignant interlaced choral commentary." --Kerry Reid, The Chicago Tribune

Porcelain,  Prologue Theatre 2015 (credit: Eric Watkins)

Porcelain, Prologue Theatre 2015 (credit: Eric Watkins)

"Four excellent supporting actors—Scott Olson, Cory Hardin, Graham Emmons, and Colin Sphar—affect different voices to play multiple roles without changing costume, as the script requires."--Albert Williams, The Chicago Reader

"Cory Hardin, Scott Olson, Graham Emmons and Colin Sphar are a barbershop quartet of onomatopoeia, paparazzi flash, ethnic and social judgment rolled up into the screaming soundtrack of John's consciousness. Without their strong, emotional work, John's descent into identity hysteria would lack the necessary urgency." --Becky Sarwate, Edge Chicago


The 13th of Paris -- Theatre [502], 2014

                                 13th of Paris,  Theatre [502], 2014 (credit: Bill Brymer)

                                 13th of Paris, Theatre [502], 2014 (credit: Bill Brymer)

"Hardin turns in a strongly grounded and authentic performance." --Erin Keane, WFPL News

"Hardin is an absolute joy to watch in the central role."          --Craig Nolan Highley,


Proof -- Louisville Rep, 2014

"Cory Hardin... absolutely shines as Hal" --Julie Lamb,

The Exit Interview -- The Bardstown Theatre, 2014

"(Hardin) is a capable and polished comedic talent." --Erin Keane, WFPL News